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Rassias Ventures is a network of companies that are independent from one another but share information and infrastructure related resources. The Rassias Ventures Services Portal is designed as a starting point for gaining access to numerous services offered by members of the Rassias Ventures network to third parties such as their clients, suppliers, associates and recruitment candidates.

To navigate to the service that is of interest to you just select the relevant link from each of the below listed sections. Please note that by using this site you explicitly state your consent to the terms of use and privacy statement as can be found on the bottom of this page as well as any obligations that arise from your contract with any member company of the Rassias Ventures network.

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Rassias Ventures WorkSpoΤ

The Rassias Ventures WorkSpoT is a subscription based careers portal. All career opportunities offered by members of the Rassias Ventures Network and their associates are posted on this portal.

Subscription to this service is free and open to all. To start using the WorkSpoT service you will need to first create an account. Click on the WorkSpoT logo to review opportunities currently on offer and subscribe to this service.